Inspired by his father, Fred Kamphues took his first photographs at the age of five. Ever since he has been intrigued by the the story a powerful image can tell. With a strong appetite for travel and adventure, many of Kamphues projects have epic proportions. His shoots range from the heights of the Andes to the depths of marine life throughout the world, from weeks of desolation in the Outback to close encounters with rumbling volcanoes.

For ESPN's coverage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Fred travelled 13 European countries in 20 days, shooting landmark sites in each country. It took 15,384 images and 263 GB of data to compile 286 astonishing ultra high resolution panorama's of the Louvre, the Colosseum, the London Eye and many other exciting places.

The 2010 eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull kept planes across the world grounded. Fred was on scene to shoot large lava fountains, steam explosions and ash clouds up close and personal.

Fred is also a Photo Ambassador for the European Southern Observatory.